We never promise #1 rankings because that’s not necessarily what we’re about (although we always do try for #1 rankings and we have always gotten them). The point of Internet Marketing is to rank your website in the search engines for many relevant terms—pushing those terms to the first page and, as often as we can, to the first result. It’s also about branding, web design and user experience, and your overall presence across the web.

With all of that said, we’ve achieved a number of #1 rankings for our client Watergon. We’re pretty excited about these rankings because they are very competitive keywords. We’ve managed and setup Watergon’s Adwords account and many of these search terms cost $100 and more per click. Per click!!! That’s why we’re incredibly proud of ourselves and excited for our client that we got these #1 rankings.

To achieve these, we worked on a number of factors. I did most of the work on the site and will therefore list 5 of the greatest factors that I believe helped in ranking this site.

Here is the Webmaster Tools for the last three months. For a local business, this is great. And our client has gotten calls and conversions worth good money (Watergon is a flood remediation business).


Webmaster Tools

Here are some of the rankings for the competitive keywords.
#1 Rankings

1. Website Optimization

It’s funny to me that I think this was the greatest factor, but I truly think it was. This day in age many people believe website optimization is practically worth nothing. But all of us technically-inclined and experienced SEOs know that this just isn’t true! Look, it takes way more than a few nicely optimized pages to rank a site, but it’s so much easier to rank a webpage that is correctly optimized—content, meta description, title tag, alt tags, internal links, etc.

Watergon Website

In fact, with Watergon in particular, internally linking everything up and honing the sitemaps (XML and HTML) and honing the services pages (for landing and for keyword targeting) did so much to help the site rank.

2. Backlinks

I’d have to say that this was a big one. Before it had links, it had nothing. The first thing I did for this site was optimize it and change the content, but that didn’t do the trick! Links did! And I used exclamation points because so many people are negative about links, but they still do work if you get them the right way. Watergon’s link profile mainly consists of links we got from friends and people we reached out to for guest blogging.

3. Listings

We’ve manually and automatically (through Yahoo Localworks) built over 100 listings for Watergon across the web (probably about 200 to be honest). It’s important to fix incorrect listings and use consistent information in listings you create. For Watergon, we only went to the high authority places and beefed up the listings with as much info as possible.

4. Videos

We’ve made several WhiteBoard animations for Watergon and they’ve gotten a lot of views (by local business standards) because they were done well. Our client liked them and sent them to his friends. We use the videos on the site and they help lengthen retention rates on the webpages where the videos are embedded. They’re also great for branding and making Watergon stand out and above competitors.

5. Social Media

We’ve done a lot of work on Watergon’s social media. We only post about once a week across the different accounts—Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest—but we make these posts pretty cool and we generate buzz and mentions. We make friends. And we make funny memes and nice advertisements and give out information and even reach out for backlinks through these SM channels.

Watergon Meme

We’re proud of our work and happy we helped (and are still are helping) our client to increase rankings and internet presence. We’re working toward getting more #1 keyword rankings and we can’t wait to see our client’s phone ring more and more and more.  And more:)