It took us a good six months to do it, but we got online sales from $0 a month to $3,000 a month for a Contractor License School, and that’s not even the whole story.

The whole story is that the school was doing well at their brick-and-mortar place in Southern California, but they weren’t doing well with the online sales of their products. They weren’t getting sales because they weren’t ranked in Google at all. The school is actually a sub-company of Alcom Business Solutions, and it was time for us to do for it what we do best. Rank them!

To rank them, we did EVERYTHING. And it worked.

Because that’s what it takes. It’s not just about Meta Description and Title Tags. It’s not just about Citations. It’s not just about Content. It’s about all the above and more (everything that can be brainstormed and thought of to do).

We developed the eCommerce site and added hundreds of pages, tested landing pages, removed pages, tested theories. All the while we worked on creating business listings and getting links and creating content for the business. We worked on their social media. Eventually the site ranked and started seeing returns.

Not only did their online sales go from nothing to something significant, but their phone started ringing about everyday and people started walking into the establishment about every day from Google search. People who walk in or call are always asked how they found out about the school. The school is right off the freeway, but most of the people who come in or call are saying they typed in “Contractor Schools” into Google. Or that they saw the sign off the freeway, then typed in “Contractor Schools” and found the school at the top of the results.

The power of Google is amazing. The revenue possibilities are amazing. And the case study here is that we ranked a website by using all of the internet marketing practices, specifically strategizing for this business. And we’re still working on the website, still growing it, still testing things, trying to bring in more revenue. And the website is constantly growing.

This is analytics from the past 30 days. For a local business, this is not bad at all.

Contractor Website Webmaster Tools Screenshot


Videos were very effective for this business. Not only do videos give links and help generate links and shares (when they’re done well) but they help bring in business. The school gets calls from the videos all the time. Here’s an animation video we had made for them.

And here’s a funny video we made for them:

I’m pretty sure that that is the only humorous video for a contractor license school in the entire country. And arguably it was done well.

When we do internet marketing, we don’t set our focus on only one thing. A good internet marketing campaign involves more than just making minor website changes. A good internet marketing campaign involves focusing on more than just social media. A good campaign encompasses internal SEO factors, content, branding, media, PR, and more!