SEO Isn’t SEO Anymore

It’s the beginning of 2015 and SEOs everywhere have wrapped up analysis of 2014 and have begun to write all about 2015.  It’s just what we do in this industry.  We analyze and predict.  We look back to help us look forward.

Here’s my two cents.

This post is for old SEOs and SEO companies who haven’t broadened their minds about the world of Search.  This post is for people thinking of getting into the industry.  And this, at last, is for people like me–it’s a nostalgic look back and an exciting look forward.

(I’m a little tired of all the negativity out there about the future and about the fact that SEO is more than just SEO.  I, for one, am loving the changes.)

SEO isn’t SEO anymore.

SEO is more than SEO.

That’s the two ways of putting it.  The first one might actually be more accurate, to be honest.  It’s a fact that Search Engine Optimization entails more than just optimizing a website for Search.  To achieve high rankings in Google it takes more than what it used to take.

A Look Back

Things were a lot easier, to be honest, back in the days of cheap links and Myspace.  Social Media hadn’t taken off and become what it is today.  Links of any kind counted toward a site’s rankings.  And the simple optimization of Content, Titles and Meta was sometimes enough to achieve rankings.

What Changed?

With the Advent of Facebook, and then Twitter and Pinterest (of course Tumblr) and the blogosphere (which was big back then) and Google Plus—things got cra.  The world turned upside down.  Facebook made it past 500 million users.  Social Media became as mainstream as having a phone.

Which brings us to mobile.  As cell phones became more advanced and you could load websites on them and navigate the city from an application, so Google’s algorithm changed to assist those searching from their mobile devices.

Google added location-targeting, Map Pack Results, Google Plus results.

The SEO world changed.

Because Google’s algorithm changed.

It’s not just about Title Tags, Content, internal, external and backlinks.

It’s about EVERYTHING.

All forms of internet marketing is SEO.

SEO isn’t just SEO.

Traditional SEO, by itself, is dead and irrelevant.

Sure, you might be able to rank a site for a non-competitive, non-searched-for brand name using only traditional SEO methods.  But that’s all you’re going to be able to do.

Our Plan Going Forward

Our company is a relatively new (and thus far quite successful) startup.  From the beginning we’ve called ourselves an Internet Marketing company.

That’s SEO.

SEO is internet marketing.  It’s Social and Citation cleanup.  It’s citation and directory listings creation.  It’s videos and content and outreach.  It’s Social Media Management.  It’s Audits and Web Design and Branding.

Because all of these things influence Search.

And not only do these things influence Search, but they represent more ways a potential customer can find your website or find out about your business (through directories, citations and social media.  Through Youtube and Vimeo and Reddit.)

Why We’re Excited

SEO is harder (in our opinion) than it maybe once had been.  But it’s bigger than ever.  Online Marketers have skills that traditional marketers don’t have.  A qualified SEO is more valuable than ever.  Our business is more valuable and relevant than ever.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that successful SEO requires a good marriage between traditional SEO and traditional marketing (online), but it’s getting there.  It’s almost there…

These new updates to our industry benefits businesses.  Businesses no longer have to go to five different companies (an SM company, an SEO company, a Content Writing company, an Adwords company, a Brand Rep company, etc…).

A business can just hire an “SEO” company.

So get ready for the future all you holdovers and be positive all you up-to-date Search-Marketers, because the future is now.  And it is awesome.